Welcome to Real Services Corp

Real Services Corporation is a team of development and construction experts that work together with a developer to deliver a project on time and on budget. Our team has decades of experience in all facets of program and project management. We have routinely been able to successfully integrate the needs of the developer to create a dynamic, profitable project with the requirements of local government for compliance to the Master Plan and use objectives, along with community goals for residents and business.

Getting Approved

Getting a project through the approval process is often tricky. RSC works closely with the developer, City Council, and other municipal departments, and community groups where necessary to facilitate the process and progress of the development. By working behind the scenes with long-established relationships, RSC is able to anticipate and overcome problems before they become major issues. When the project is presented for approval, it will already be positioned for a successful outcome.

Local Hire and Business Participation Outreach

A local hiring and business outreach program can be the linchpin to a successful project. There are many misconceptions about how such a program would benefit a project, and RSC simplifies the implementation process for the developer. Getting a community vested in the success of a development has numerous economic benefits to the developer, and RSC can help make that happen.

Program and Project Management

RSC has extensive experience in all aspects of program and project management. From attending construction meetings to help ensure the highest and best use of scheduling and manpower, to keeping the owner up to date on milestones, requirements, and project status. Each project has its own objectives and colloquial needs, and RSC designs the management framework to meet those in the most efficient and cost-saving methods available.

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